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Video Marketing Tips: Nederlandse Versie Hier


Video is the future of marketing. It is a strong asset to increase brand awareness or create user engagement. Did you know it can benefit your conversion rate too? According to a Marketing Sherpa study, viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Producing premium video content requires expertise and we are here to help! Below you find 5 NO-NO’s to avoid in your video marketing.

  1. Underestimating the importance of pre-production

Well begun is half done and for video productions this means that you have 3 to 8 seconds before the viewer decides to continue watching the video – or not. Therefore, it is crucial to capture the viewer’s interest immediately and this requires a deep understanding of who your target audience is, and what makes them tick. Consequently, why we start every project with a workshop. During the workshop we collectively design the creative concept of the video, define the video’s objective, analyse the target audience, and discuss what messaging will resonate best with them.

  1. Misaligning video length with distribution channels

It might be common sense that viewers get easily distracted while watching videos. However, did you know that there is a specific sweet spot of video length? It turns out this depends on the platform you are displaying your video content on. Although longer videos are supported on for instance the Instagram feed, trends show that the sweet spot is actually 30 seconds. On Facebook, on the other hand, the average view time is about 1-minute before scrolling on.

So, are you tailoring your video assets to the specific platform you publish on? At Storisell, we produce explainer videos of 90 seconds by default and we also offer the option to create shorter versions of the original video, which are called “snippets”. We make sure to adapt the animation so you can distribute your video content broadly without losing engagement or its premium touch.

  1. Writing the manuscript without a framework

200 Words. That is the length of a 90 second manuscript. Script writing without a clear framework makes you lose words on parts that don’t add value. Over the years we have developed a proven script writing process that allows you to use all 200 words to your advantage by applying a storytelling technique that suits your video’s use case.

  1. Failing to leverage your unique brand story

Nowadays, there are countless options on how to produce video content ranging from pre-made templates and stock footage to hand-drawn illustrations and custom animation. Video productions allow you to give your customers a first impression of you and your company before the first meeting takes place. Each brand has a unique story and this needs to be told throughout the marketing funnel. You never get a second chance for first impressions which is why a “one size fits all” production does not leverage the uniqueness of your brand the way premium, custom-made video content does. So when you invest into that digital first impression, invest in premium content.

  1. Not having the right video marketing tools

Video marketing includes more than producing and publishing videos. Having the right marketing tools are invaluable. This means that besides a premium video production partner, we would recommend considering a scheduling software and a dashboard tool. Why? Manual posting requires a lot of time and is prone to human error so choose a scheduling software depending on where you want to publish. Besides, a dashboard tool allows you to evaluate the performance of your video marketing efforts so you can apply the learnings and trends to optimise future video productions. That is why you can expect to discuss your marketing learnings during your workshop at Storisell. We will also help you publish the content on a monthly retainer if need be.

Chloe Veurink
Senior Creative Project Manager, Storisell
+31 202 41 08 57

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Chloe Veurink
Senior Creative Project Manager, Storisell
+31 202 41 08 57
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